Per Lorenz Hinrichsen
Lieutenant Colonel
Mobilephone: +45 21 42 52 94

Sankelmarksvej 26
4760 Vordingborg

Vordingborg Barrack

The Vordingborg Barracks from 1913 are modern and well maintained. The entire area covers approximately 17.7 acres (177,000 m2). The built-up area is of about 3.7 acres (about 32,000 m2) with a floor area of 58.350 m2.

On the barracks there are accommodation facilities, teaching facilities with a large auditorium and class rooms as well as a cafeteria. Approximately 7 kilometers to the east of Vordingborg Barracks You find the Stensved Barracks with auditorium, class rooms and accommodation.

Two military authorities have Vordingborg Barracks as their homebase, i. e. the Homeguard Command and 4th National Support Battalion of the Danish Transport Regiment. The two authorities count a total of approximately 400 personnel.

To assist the Storstrøm Service Group the Vordingborg Barracks is able to contribute with the following facilities depending on the actual contracts. The contribution is approved by the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation

  • Conference building with an auditorium and class rooms for major meetings and conferences for up to 220 participants.
  • Accommodation buildings for up to 80 participants in single rooms.
  • Cafeteria with a capacity of 300 participants and the possibility for catering depending on the contract.
  • Stensved Barracks with an auditorium and class rooms for minor meetings in as well as accommodation for up to 40 participants in single rooms.

All admittance to the Vordingborg Barracks must be coordinated with the Point of Contact.