Kasper Rask
Tel. +45 31 66 53 33

Rådmandsgade 55, 2200 København N

Fact sheet:
Established: 2018
No. of employees: 2

Level of service:
English speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes

Visual Display

In corporation with Skanska, Sjaelsoe Management and Solstra Development we have developed an info-screen specifically targeted towards construction sites.

These years, there is a particular focus on safety at the construction sites in Scandinavia. The goal is to eliminate the number of accidents and create safe working conditions on the construction sites. At the same time, better and more efficient ways of communicating and sharing knowledge are desired, and the info screen has several unique advantages.

It serves as a focal point for part of the knowledge that the administration, security representatives and building managers would like to share with workers and suppliers. It’s main focus is to achieve a synergy on the construction site between everyone moving in the area and optimizing safety.