Claus Martine Stechnik
Tel. +45 40 81 52 62

Hjulsporet 23,
4930 Maribo, Denmark

Fact Sheet:
Established: 1996
No. of employees: 32

Level of Service:
English Speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes
Certified in: ISO 9001

Vagtselskabet CS-Vagt

Security company CS-Guard is an ISO-9001 certified security company, which since 1996 has served customers throughout Denmark, where we have provided full security and facility solutions to businesses and various construction projects.

The founder of CS-Guard, Claus Stechnik is still leading the company, in close cooperation with the skilled and dedicated employees that characterizes the company.

Stability and continuity are key words of CS-Guard, therefore, employees are continuously trained, so customers are assured an optimal security.

At CS-Guard, we are aware that we humans are different, like companies also differ with individual needs. Therefore, an initial meeting with the customer shall always be the first step to the optimal solution, adapted to the local needs.

The headquarter of CS-Guard is in Maribo, in the middle of the lovely Lolland, which is central to the effervescent activity and dynamism that characterize the area.