Claus Ringtved
Tel. +45 54 78 14 15

C. E. Christiansensvej 3, 4930

Fact sheet:
Established: 1955
No. of employees: 28

Level of service:
English speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: No

Ringtved A/S

The company was founded by C.Å. Ringtved and has existed for more than 60 years. In 1985, the company was taken over by Contractor and Carpenter Benny Ringtved. Most recently, 3rd generation with Claus Ringtved as Director and Carpenter took over and continued the family business with a staff that today consists of approx. 28 employees.

The physical sorroundings have also grown with a merger of all the company’s activities, and modernization of the premises at C.E. Christiansens Vej 3, 4930 Maribo.

Ringtved A/S offers everything within carpentry, joinery, masonry work, painting and soil / concrete work.

At Ringtved A/S, we do not only have a very versatile staff, but the staff is also very independent.

The management structure is flat, and the individual employee is given a great responsibility, but also great powers. This means that the individual employee can make decisions out on the building site and execute them on the spot. This results in a very smooth working method, where the subsidiarity principle applies: the one closest to the problem, solves it.

Today, Ringtved A/S offers task solutions and turnkey contracts within all craft trades for both the private-sector, business, agricultural and public customers. We are a member of Dansk Byggeri (The Danish Construction Association) and affiliated with the Build Guarantee Scheme.