Else Christensen
Managing Director
Tlf. +45 20 85 17 11

Lundtoftegårdsvej 95, 2800 Kongens Lyngby.

Etableringsår: 2007

Engelsktalende: Ja
Tilbyder 24/7/365 service: Nej

Relocare Group Aps

Relocare provides services that allow companies to be able to attract, onboard and retain international employees.

We help our clients to stay in compliance, and to grow their business in a sustainable compliant way.

We increase our client’s international mobility, expand the cultural diversity and understanding within companies and improve the handling of cultural challenges.

Based on our industry expertise, we can deliver a full relocation, immigration, cultural training and taxation assistance – or we can help you with a selected critical defined assistance delivered in a timely manner.

Further, we have demonstrated that our service offering is adaptable and scalable to every situation.

Our service model is based on people supporting people. We are the safe pair of hands that delivers global mobility services across the world. It is a real differentiated advantage Relocare brings to a client, based on the increasing need for compliance and retention of talent.

In essence, it is our hope that you through our services can make your organisation even more productive and a better place to work.