Anna Hansen or Niels Mann
Tel. +45 54 70 71 91

Alleen 2, Radsted
4990 Sakskøbing, Danmark

Level of service:
English speaking: Yes
Offers 24/7/365 service: No

Radstedhus B&B Hotel

Radstedhus B&B Hotel is strategically situated only 25km from Storstrømsbroen, and a few kilometers away from access to the highway between Rødby and Copenhagen.

We can offer comfortable accommodation, all rooms with bath/toilet, and spacious meeting rooms and offices.

An arrangement with Radstedhus could also include meals, lunchboxes etc. at your wish.

With 18 rooms and meeting rooms/offices, Radstedhus is the perfect location for long-term rent of the entire house to one company or consortium.