Ole Stúczen
Tel. +45 61 28 85 52

Rødovrevej 49, 2610.

Fact sheet:
Established: 2019
No. of employees: 3

Level of service:
English speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes

Profilvikaren Aps

We are a Manpower agency that strives to provide qualified labor from home and abroad to most industries, but our main area is the construction and civil engineering industry.

At Profilvikaren we believe that social responsibility is important. that all people have something to offer and deserve a place in society. Team Profilvikaren realizes social responsibility by helping those citizens who may need an extra push to get started. How? We help municipalities clarify if citizens are ready for work. We have a close cooperation with among others. Rudersdal and Falster municipality.