Kenneteh Henriksen
Tel. +45 40 83 63 28

Skovbrynet 3
4773 Stensved

Fact Sheet:
Established: 1972
No. of employees: 45

Level of Service:
English Speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes

Pribo-huset ApS

Pribo Housing ApS carries out service tasks, subcontracts, main contracts and turnkey contracts executed with a focus on good craftsmanship.

At the generational change in 2000, Pribo Housing ApS was infused with new skill-sets in the areas of construction management, energy consultancy and OHS coordination, which enables us currently to handle the coordination of the construction process, keenly focused on providing qualified feedback and safeguarding project finances, scheduling and quality.

Our most important task is to cooperate closely with the developer and consultant to implement and manage the project, so that the developer’s expectations are met.

Pribo Housing ApS works with a range of regular subcontractors.