Kenneth Borch-Andersen
Tel. +45 62 22 30 85

Grønlandsvej 1, 5700 Svendborg

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English speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes
Certified in: ISO 9001-ISO 14001-OHSAS 18001

Nordic Marine Service A/S



Nordic Marine Service A/S is one of the largest commercial dive companies in Denmark. We

perform dive services of all kinds, including turnkey projects in main and general contracts and

according to our clients’ needs – in, on or by the water, in Denmark as well as abroad.

Nordic Marine Service A/S complies with the highest safety and quality standards. Our dive teams

are well trained and have the best equipment, and they are – at short notice – ready to solve almost

any dive operation, both large and small scale.

Nordic Marine Service A/S serves a broad range of clients, from individuals to large

multinational companies. Clients are typically port authorities, shipping companies, ship

owners, insurance companies, maritime main and general contractors as well as operators

working within offshore or in the oil & gas industry.

Contractor service

Nordic Marine Service A/S performs many construction projects both under water and above the water, ranging from short assignments to turnkey contracts in large structures or plants on and in the water. We have skilled workers within the carpentry, blacksmiths and concrete professions

Inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) services

When there is no time for docking or for changing the sailing schedule Nordic Marine Service A/S performs IRM services on site – in or above the water. We plan according to the ship’s schedule so that the crew can continue their work while berthed or at an anchor.


Nordic Marine Service A/S has carried out various tasks on offshore subsea installations. We have experienced divers and the necessary gear and equipment to solve the problems we are faced with. No matter how small or big the task may be.


Nordic Marine Service A/S has several different vessels that we use to solve the various tasks we are faced with. The ships are equipped with dive equipment and can be used for e.g. diving,  contractor and survey tasks or as guard ships.