René Oestergaard Jensen
Vice President
Tel. +45 20 37 62 75

HI Park 445, 7400 Herning.

Fact sheet:
Established: 2008
No. of employees: 40

Level of service:
English speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: Yes
Certified in: ISO9001:2015, Certified Comsol Consultant

Global Lightning Protection Services A/S

Performance improvements. Whether your challenge is a matter of selecting the right material or geometry for a given application, integration of subsystems into a larger context or complete LPS design and coordination, you will benefit from our experience – theoretically, experimentally and practically.
By utilising our engineers and technicians, you are certain to get access to the most recent knowledge on lightning exposure and protection and can gain solutions designed and installed in compliance with the lightning environment, relevant international standards and good practice.

On you will find our specific engineering and technical installation and inspection services. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for.