Dorte Christensen
Tel. +45 61 30 07 12

Kobbelvej 35
4780 Stege, DK

Fact Sheet:
Established: 1975
No. of employees: 17

Level of Service:
English Speaking: Yes
Offer 24/7/365 service: No

Byggefirmaet PKC

Byggefirmaet PKC A/S is a family owned business, established in 1975. The company was founded by Preben K. Christensen, who laid the groundwork for a solid company. Also, he has provided the company name with the abbreviation PKC. At first, the business did purely carpenter work, but through the years, it has developed to also include bricklayer, construction and sewer work.

The company is now owned and run by Dorte Christensen and Anders Christensen, the daughter and son of the founder Preben K. Christensen.
The company is known for good service and a high level of professionalism. The employees are experienced and independent and are excellent at cooperating. PKC is a non-hierarchical organization, which enables the individual employer to find and execute the necessary decisions.
We have a high level of service and are used to a close cooperation with our clients. We have a wide ranged client portfolio that includes both large and smaller clients, both public and private.
We execute tasks in the south of Zealand, Moen and Lolland-Falster, but also conduct custom jobs in Copenhagen.
Quality is a given, and construction projects are executed in accordance with the signed agreements.