Stubbekøbing Port

Stubbekøbing Port is owned by Guldborgsund Municipality, but administered by Guldborgsund Ports, which also cover Nykøbing Falster Port, Orehoved Port and Gedser Fishing Port.

Stubbekøbing Port is situated east of the Storstrøms Bridge and the port is 7 km to the north/southbound motorway E47 and 10 km to the north/southbound railway. The port area is approx. 40.000 sqm and is owned by Guldborgsund Ports. The port has approx. 900 m of actual quay and a water depths from 2,5 to 5,0 meter. There are forging companies in Stubbekøbing Port carrying out repairs on all types of ves- sels and crane lifting up to 25 tons.

Stubbekøbing Port is centrally located for marine transport in both east- and westbound directions.
The port is situated close to the Town Center of Stubbekøbing and approx. 20 km from Nykøbing F. Both cities have good shopping facilities, doctors, hospital, banks etc.

Data sheet

Total quay length

900 meter

Main quay length

167 meter


100 t

Quay wall height

1,95 meter

Port basin

167 meters wide

Quay depth

2,5 – 5 meter

Entry depth

5 meter

Load on quay

1,5 – 2,0 t/sqm

Warehouses and of ces to rent or own

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Port area

40.000 sqm

Power supply

Six (6) Power-Supply Stations with 16-32-64 AMPs + two (2) PS stations with 16-32 Amp. NOTE: Three (3) 64 Amp PS-Stations at south pier/east are prepared for upgrade to 125 Amp.

Fresh water supply


Distance to motorway

7 km

Distance to railway

10 km

Contact Information

Guldborgsund Havne
Phone +45 5485 0563

Harbourmaster Henrik Andersen Phone +45 5174 0109