About Storstrøm Service Group

Storstrøm Service Group is established in cooperation between Vordingborg Erhverv, Business Lolland Falster, Vordingborg Harbors, Guldborgsund Harbors and Vordingborg Shipping.

Storstrøm Service Group will work toward getting local businesses as much work as possible during the large construction projects in our region. We will achieve this through close contact with-, and marketing directed at consortiums, contractors, and subcontractors.

Storstrøm Service Group will at the same time service the consortiums, contractors, and subcontractors by offering them One Point of Contact, 24/7-365, which will serve as entry point to the local businesses.

It is the hope of Storstrøm Service Group that this constellation will create as many local jobs as possible while at the same time giving consortiums, contractors, and subcontractors the best contact with-, and the best service from the local businesses.